Master Plan Working Group Meeting No.1

On November 14th, MFR hosted the first Master Plan Working Group Meeting. The meeting consisted of aviation and non-aviation constituents, MFR airport management, and the Mead & Hunt consultant team. The meeting provided an overview of the Master Plan Study process, timeline, and a high level assessment of the Airport Inventory and Activity Forecasts. The Mead & Hunt consultant team presented the existing airport facilities, airport services, and aviation activity forecasts. The meeting allowed for the Plan Stakeholders to provide comments, concerns, ideas, and questions after becoming familiarized with MFR and airport operations. Thank you to all who participated and provided feedback for the Master Plan.

Terminal Energy Audit

On September 18th and 19th MFR conducted a Passenger Terminal Energy Audit. The audit provided an opportunity to identify measures for energy improvements for the Passenger Terminal Facility.

Project Kickoff & Site Visit

On August 7th and 8th MFR hosted a project kick off meeting which began with an airfield tour for the consultants. The tour was followed with a two-day session of meetings with Airport staff and key stakeholders presented by Mead & Hunt. The kickoff meeting provided an overview of the master plan process and the opportunity to gather data and input from MFR and the stakeholders.