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Plan Background – MFR Master Plan Project

Plan Background

Plan Overview

Jackson County owns and operates the Rogue Valley International – Medford Airport (MFR), located in Medford, Oregon. The County, as the airport sponsor, is conducting an update to the MFR Airport Master Plan.  The County hired Mead & Hunt, Inc. to prepare the Plan, which is funded by the County and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Plan Purpose

The Plan is a roadmap to guide the orderly development of MFR facilities, equipment, and services over the next 20-years. The FAA encourages an Airport Master Plan update about every ten years. The previous MFR Airport Master Plan was completed in 2014. This 2019 Plan update documents airport improvements to meet future demand and FAA standards, in a manner complementary to community and stakeholder interests.

Plan Outcomes

The Plan results in a preferred 20-year Airport development strategy. These products assist the Airport in conforming with FAA planning assurances, and the ability to seek project funding eligible under federal and state airport grant-in-aid programs. The Plan’s two key products are:

  • Airport Capital Improvement Program (ACIP).
  • Airport Layout Plan (ALP).

Plan Focus

For this Master Plan, specific areas of emphasis include the following items:

  • Evaluating the Parallel Runway & Helicopter Landing Area

  • Diversifying Revenues Through the Development of Non-Aeronautical Land Uses

  • Improving Local Zoning & Development Review Processes Providing Continued Protection for MFR

  • Improving Property Easements on the Exhibit “A” Property Map

  • Improving Reliability Through Navigational Aids & Flight Procedures.

  • Addressing Capacity in the Passenger Terminal & Automobile Parking Lots

  • Consolidating Rental Car Operations& Reclaiming Terminal Floorspace

  • Planning for a General Aviation Development

Plan Process / Project Schedule

The Plan will be conducted and delivered in strict procedural accordance with FAA Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans, as documented by the Plan milestones shown below.

Key Project Deliverables

The Plan is scheduled for completion in late 2020, including anticipated County and FAA review and approval periods. The Plan schedule involves the following key deliverables and meeting events:

  • Six (6) Draft ‘Milestone’ Working Paper Chapters

  • Four (4) Technical Master Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee (MPAC) Meetings

  • Two (2) Land Use -Stakeholder Meeting

  • Two (2) FAA Meeting Opportunities- Seattle ADO

  • Two (2) Public Outreach Meetings

Plan Status

The Plan status lists the chronology of past and upcoming Plan deliverables and scheduled meetings.

Airport Master Plan Status: