Master Plan Working Group Meeting No.3

Master Plan Working Group (MPWG) Meeting No.3 was held on Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

MPWG Meeting No.3 provided an overview of the of the initial improvement alternatives. The recommended development plan is intended to satisfy the facility requirements presented in Chapter 3. Alternatives were presented for the airfield, passenger terminal, automobile parking and circulation areas, and developable property. These recommendations and requirements were created under the guidance of FAA advisory circulars and in coordination with MFR management and stakeholders. The Master Plan Working Group representatives  participated in the process of defining and evaluating the initial alternatives to refine into preferred alternatives. The preferred alternatives will make up the 20-year development plan for MFR while considering MFR’s goals and best planning practices. The Master Plan Working Group is made up of stakeholders from communities and businesses that are on or near MFR. The public can review Master Plan chapters and presentations on the Plan Documents & Resources page.